Staff Directory


Photo of Shannon English

Mrs. Shannon English


Administrative Assistant

Photo of Cathy Bachmier

Mrs. Cathy Bachmier

Before and After School Program

Photo of Sharon George

Mrs. Sharon George

Photo of Rachel Morrissey

Mrs. Rachel Morrissey

Support Staff

Photo of Gabriela Hale

Mrs. Gabriela Hale


Photo of Brandon Chornoby

Mr. Brandon Chornoby

Gr. 4

Photo of Nicola Dobek

Mrs. Nicola Dobek

Grade 1

Photo of Jade Duce

Ms. Jade Duce


Photo of Tara Ensz

Ms. Tara Ensz

Grade 3

Photo of Kim Glasgo

Mrs. Kim Glasgo

ELP teacher

Photo of Angel Jackle

Mrs. Angel Jackle

Grade 5

Photo of Veronika Stappler

Mrs. Veronika Stappler

Music teacher and Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Kyla Stroh

Miss Kyla Stroh

Grade 2

Photo of Dana Wirachowsky

Mrs. Dana Wirachowsky

Grade 6

Learning Assistants

Photo of Paris Beacome

Miss Paris Beacome

Learning Assistant- Gr 2

Photo of Michelle Devine

Mrs. Michelle Devine

Learning Assistant Gr. 2

Photo of Renee Drake

Ms. Renee Drake

Learning Assistant

Photo of Trina Ford

Mrs. Trina Ford

Learning Assistant- Gr 3

Photo of Sharon George

Mrs. Sharon George

Learning Assistant- Gr 4

Photo of Gabe Hale

Mrs. Gabe Hale

ELP learning Assistant

Photo of Mary Kahl

Mrs. Mary Kahl

Learning Assistant- Gr 6

Photo of Olivia Lockwood

Mrs. Olivia Lockwood

Learning Assistant- Gr 5

Photo of Danielle Sasseville

Mrs. Danielle Sasseville

Learning Assistant- Kin/ELP

Photo of Kerrie Senft

Ms. Kerrie Senft

Learning Assistant- Gr 1

Photo of Tammy Stovka

Tammy Stovka

Learning Assistant- Gr 2

Learning Services

Photo of Neil Bainbridge

Mr. Neil Bainbridge

School Councilor


Photo of Clinton Stojke

Mr. Clinton Stojke